Bungie has launched Destiny’s 2.4 patch, bringing along significant changes in preparation for the game’s upcoming expansion, Rise of Iron.

“In advance of the launch of Rise of Iron, we are preloading content,” Bungie said. “These changes will alter the Destiny Sandbox, update the player experience, and prepare the world of the game for the next story we are about to tell.”
Some of the weapon changes include: Reduced magazine size for highest rate of fire Auto Rifles; increased damage to middle rate of fire Auto Rifles by 1.5%; increased damage and rate of fire for certain Pulse Rifles; alterations to specific shotgun rate of fire, spread, and damage; 6.95% reduced damage to middle-high impact sniper rifles; and increased damage on highest rate of fire Machine Guns by 4%.
In addition to the weapon changes, a slew of weapon perks, exotic weapons, new quests, new maps, and UI updates have been added. Also, new bronze, silver, and gold public events are active.
You can see the detailed full list of patch notes, here.
 The 2.4 patch is currently live now. Destiny: Rise of Iron will release September 20 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Destiny: The Collection launches on the same day and includes all previous expansions as well Rise of Iron.

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