Respawn Entertainment has released a new cinematic trailer for Titanfall 2. It was released on the game’s official YouTube Channel this week. While previous trailers showed off all of the destruction that a Titan can dish out, this single player trailer puts a spotlight on the pilot, the soldiers on the front lines of the frontier. The narrator describes the attributes that allows these soldiers to survive on the battlefield while we are shown a battle that features all of the action that the series is known for. The trailer also fills us in on the ongoing struggle against the citizens of the frontier and the IMC, the main antagonists of the game.

It was recently announced that Titanfall 2 will also feature the Angel City map, which was a fan favorite in the original game. Angel City will be the first DLC map to be released, and free for all players. If you chose to pre-order Titanfall 2, you will have access to the Angel City map three days in advance. Titanfall 2 is expected to improve on what made the original so great for its core players.

Titanfall 2 is scheduled to be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, on October 28th.

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