Before the days of the Internet making its way as an important part of all gaming consoles, multiplayer games would be based on how many controllers you had. Maybe your friend would bring one over to your house so you could play together. Now, it seems like every game allows you to go online and play with others all around the world. Unfortunately, for most consoles it also costs a pretty penny to do this. Our good friends at Xbox want to lift these conditions for a special weekend.

The frightfest of Halloween may be coming this Monday, but before that, you can enjoy a weekend of playing online games with your friends on the Xbox One and Xbox 360. The best part about this is, it will be completely free. If you only have a Silver membership to Xbox Live, you do not normally have access to play their vast library of games online. This weekend, however, is a special event announced by Major Nelson that allows all members to enjoy playing their games online.

This may be dangerous for some. Once you get the taste of online play, you may not want to go without it again. For those without gold memberships, enjoy online gaming on either Xbox console from now until October 30th.

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