Steam title ADR1FT is not being released for the Microsoft Xbox One. A Twitter user posted that he had just pre-ordered the space mystery for the console, and got a devastating response from Three One Zero developer Adam Orth.

Orth replied to @itsmechadwick by saying that his purchase was not real, and he should seek a refund immediately. He goes as far as clearly stating the game is not being released for Xbox One.

ADR1FT sets players in the role of an astronaut who has been involved in a devastating accident. You have no memory of what accident has occurred, and are the only survivor. Left drifting helplessly amongst the debris and with a badly damaged space suit, you must unravel the mystery of what happened and find a way safely home.

This new mystery of the customer who pre-ordered the game goes a little deeper however. On the developers own website they make it clear that they plan for the ADR1FT to be coming to the Xbox One.

ADR1FT is compatible for the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, bringing the First-Person-Experience game to players in total immersion. You can (legitimately) purchase it from the Steam store for £14.99/$19.99 right now.

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