Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most anticipated games of the year. The PlayStation 4 exclusive title is under development by Guerilla Games, and the Dutch company has just released three new videos on YouTube, giving us a glimpse into their journey of making the epic open-world RPG.

The first of these videos is entitled Creating A PlayStation Icon. It tells us more about the game’s main protagonist, Aloy, and her development from concept art into the fully working character we can expect to play as in the game. Guerrila Games appears to have a great sense of pride in what they have achieved with Aloy. Whether or not she will actually become an iconic character among gamers remains to be seen, but the work they have put into making her must be applauded.

The second video in the series is named Growing Guerrila. This tells us how the developer studio has had to evolve into making their first open-world game, and the new talent they have had to recruit to make the transition from the FPS Killzone, into Horizon Zero Dawn and its wide open spaces. Making a game based on quests rather than checkpoints was something alien to Guerrilla Games, but thanks to the help of their experienced new team of writers, they hope to have made the leap successfully.

The third video goes into more detail about the changes Guerrilla Games have had to make in order to achieve a game as immense as Horizon Zero Dawn. Team members also describe the ways in which they have taken their experience with making a combat-based game like Killlzone, then translating that into their new title. The video, named From Corridors to Mountains, shows us that the whole team, from art direction, to story writers, to graphics engineers, all share the same vision of making the world as gripping and sensational for the player as it could possibly be.

Horizon Zero Dawn launches exclusively on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro on February 28. It looks to be the next big thing in the open-world adventure genre. And since it was first revealed at E3 back in 2015, it has grown in popularity and interest. The hype surrounding its launch has nearly reached fever pitch, and players around the world are chomping at the bit to have their own taste of the tribal post-apocalyptic world populated by giant animal-machines.

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