Revealed in a tweet from Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, the JRPG Blue Dragon is now available to play as an Xbox One backwards compatible title.

Blue Dragon is based on a design by the Final Fantasy series creator Hionobu Sakaguchi. It bleeds with inspiration from the popular role-playing series with unique monsters, turn based combat, and an overarching plot about the end of the world. To some this was the key selling point and praised the game for sticking to traditional tropes of the genre. To others, however, that is what made the game bland. It was just more of the same wrapped in a different package.

To date there are over 250 Xbox 360 games that you can play on your Xbox One. This is done through the use of emulation of the last-gen environment on the current-gen console. The game is downloaded onto your system and is repackaged as an original title that identifies itself as an Xbox 360 game on your Xbox One. To get your favorite game added to the list of Xbox One backwards compatible games relies on the publisher of the game to provide permission for Microsoft to allow the repackaging of their game. So if you are still waiting for your favorite game to become available, reach out to the publisher and see if they listen.

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