Indie developer, Cypronia has just announced that their Wii U game, Cube Life: Island Survival, will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Cube Life features a living open world that takes place on a cluster of islands teeming with a variety of wildlife. Players will be able to craft up to 200 unique items that will help them traverse the lush environments featured in the game. Cyponia also uses player feedback to update and improve the game in order to provide the best experience for its community.

The developer’s official website for the game highlights key features for the game as well as the overall goals that Cyponia has for Cube Life. The page reads, “Our goal is create the best block building open-world sandbox game for Nintendo platforms. PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and even smartphones, all have Minecraft. Nintendo players deserve to have something truly special, too—to have their own game. We can get inspired by the best ideas from the existing competition, but we really want to go our own way… In the same way Nintendo makes their own path.”

Cube Life: Island Survival HD is currently in development for these systems and is expected to be released soon.

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