Final Fantasy XV, like many large-scale RPGs these days, has a day and night cycle– the one in this game just happens to be stunning.

DualShockers took the time to demonstrate how visually impressive the cycle is in the new Judgement Disc demo using a time-lapse. As they explain of their demonstration, “The video was recorded on a PS4 Pro set on the High Image Quality setting, and then accelerated by sixteen times. The full cycle lasts about 40 minutes in game.” Clouds roll past endlessly; the sun rises and sets in oranges and purples; the stars come out.

Helpfully, DualShockers also have a massive collection of screenshots highlighting the game’s beauty, a guide on how to download the Judgement Disc demo, and (as the demo is only available in Japanese) a guide to what the menu options are.

They also offer a guide to the different visual options the game has on the PlayStation 4 Pro: “‘Lightweight’ uncaps frame rate, at the price of a bit of visual fidelity. While the lightweight option definitely does not look bad, the queen of visuals is the ‘High Image Quality’ option, that caps frame rate at 30, but pushes the visual quality to really high levels.”

Final Fantasy XV comes out November 29th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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