What is Destiny‘s Prison of Elders?

Aside from Trials of Osiris, the Prison of Elders is Bungie’s latest addition to Destiny alongside the House of Wolves. In what is essentially a horde mode, players must fight through 5 rounds of increasing difficult enemies, with round each sporting 3 waves. Some waves just consist of enemies in droves, while others have specific objectives that need to be completed to avoid wiping and losing.

Who is Qodron?

Qodron is the latest Prison of Elders boss after this week’s reset (26th May) for the level 34 tier. A Vex Gate Lord, Qodron is incredibly difficult as far as bosses go: it sports an incredibly powerful, yet slow, cannon with immense splash damage; a ridiculous amount of health; and it spawns what’s called ‘Qodron’s Eye’, which is a new mechanic to Destiny’s Prison of Elders.

Destiny Qodron in the Prison of Elders

Qodron’s Eye is a shiny Vex Hobgoblin that will spawn seemingly randomly during the final boss fight with Qodron, and approximately 30 seconds into the boss fight he will look for the players and ‘mark’ them, trapping them in shields the players must shoot or punch to escape from.

Players’ health slowly drains within the shields, so if you don’t get out quickly, you don’t get out at all.

How can I beat Qodron in the Prison of Elders?

After playing through the level 34 Prison of Elders boss, running around with Qodron and Qodron’s Eye, and checking out a number of other strategies players have used to complete the Prison of Elders boss, here are a number of different strategies you can use to best Qodron.


Method 1.


  • Primary: Any
  • Secondary: Preferable one Shotgun, one Sniper Rifle (Shotgun for Shields, Sniper Rifle for random enemies/snipers)
  • Heavy: Something that does a lot of damage (some also suggest Super Good Advice for shields – it’s up to you)

Player tasks:

  • Player 1: Focuses on Qodron the whole time
  • Player 2: Focuses on Qodrom and some enemies
  • Player 3: Focuses on enemies and keeping track of Qodron’s Eye

Where do I go?

The best place I found to hold out is the left hand corner of the room, as Qodron has limited line of site around the array of boxes and poles stacked up over there. Qodron’s Eye usually seemed to spawn relatively near us on that side too, so that wasn’t usually a problem.

What do I do?

The method itself is simple enough, actually:

  • Head to left corner of the room, take out random enemies along the way
  • Find a good firing position behind cover and lay into Qodron with as much Heavy Ammo as you can muster, all simultaneously
  • The words “Qodron is searching for targets” will appear – Qodron’s Eye is about to lock you inside shields
  • Players focus on Qodron’s Eye – whoever deals the final blow will gain a buff
  • Player who has the buff can easily break the shields – break the rest of the fireteam’s shields before they die.
  • Repeat.

The beauty in the boss is that it encourages teamwork and coordination; though speaking from experience it’s an incredibly hard fight. I hope this guide has helped.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while trying to conquer Desitny‘s Prison of Elders:

  • The buff gained from killing Qodron’s Eye only lasts around 30 seconds
  • The ‘Skolas method’ allegedly works – where one Titan player drops a Bubble Shield, while all players jump in and out firing constant Gjallarhorn shots.
  • Voidwalkers with the Ram helmet can break their own way out of their shields every time (shoot until nearly dead, punch the shield for health, repeat.
  • Make sure you’re comfortable with whatever weapon combo you’re using
  • Supers recharge incredibly slowly due to the Round’s ‘skull’.
We will continue to add new methods and advice as they are tested and

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