With virtual reality making its way into the mainstream, more game designers are putting their brains to good use and creating experiences that are perfect for the medium. Like the gaming market outside of VR, they rage across all different genres, but have the same goal of giving the player something thrilling to enjoy. One popular title for the PlayStation VR, Here They Lie, is looking to expand its range of players with a massive update.

Here They Lie may have been designed and developed specifically for VR, but it looks like Sony has realized the potential for this creepy adventure outside of that realm. Announced on the PlayStation Blog, this title will now have a standard PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro version. Everyone who already owns the game should receive an update allowing it to be playable without the headset.

Anyone who purchases Here They Lie after today, February 21st, will automatically receive both copies. Additional updates include chapter selection, controller configuration, and a number of improvements for graphics and VR tracking. Here They Lie has just become a whole lot better whether you’re playing with the PlayStation VR or not. Hopefully you won’t be too frightened of this nightmare experience.

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