Battlefield 1 has already topped sales charts but DICE isn’t stopping there. They have revealed what players can expect from the game in the near future and looking further on.

Outlining “The Road Ahead” on the game’s website, DICE reveals plans for new maps, events and game modes, all aimed at keeping the wide fan base happy and engaged with the title, as well as improvements we will enjoy.

The developer starts by reassuring fans that Hardcore servers really are on their way. This had already been confirmed by DICE to be part of their plans, and it will be a welcome addition to test your mettle even further.

Other than that, changes are to be made to the Suez map in the Conquest game mode. The idea of Conquest is to capture and hold strategic positions on the map. The Suez map only has 3 of these “objectives” as opposed to as many as 7 on other maps. DICE has recognized this, and plans to include two more objectives within Suez, as well as change the size of the capture area surrounding two of the existing control points. On top of that, an extra armored vehicle for each team will be included, to hopefully bring additional dynamism to the game mode.

Another exciting plan is dubbed “Battlefest.” Starting on November 16th, DICE is setting up a week long special event that will include log-in rewards, unique battlepacks and community missions. This promises to be a real draw for players who might just have fallen out of playing regularly, due to other games coming on to the market recently, namely the latest Call of Duty.

A new Custom Game is also detailed. Named “Fog of War,” players will have to contend with reduced visibility as well as no mini-map or player name tags for reference. Custom games can be found on the Battlefield 1 Multiplayer menu, and increase the challenge to the already challenging title.

Rent-a-Server, tweaks to match making and server balancing, plus a brand new map named “Giant’s Shadow” are also things we can look forward to. The new map will become available in December and will be free to download for all players of Battlefield 1.

In short, the game appears to hold plenty for us to sink our bayonet into, before the year is out.

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