After over a year of content, Wildcard Studios finally gives Ark: Survival Evolved players the ultimate gift you can give anyone in a dinosaur-themed survival game: lasers. To prepare for the patch, which introduces “TEK Tier”, Wildcard and PC Gamer released a trailer.

From the outside, it’s easy to forget that Ark: Survival Evolved takes place in a futuristic world where players are capable of making things like mounted turrets and giant fortresses. The TEK Tier update follows the aesthetic of the beautiful floating futuristic obelisks, diving deeper into the strange time-line and world of Ark.

The update will bring armor, starting with a special helmet capable of discerning friendly, neutral, and dangerous players and dinosaurs, along with a handy night vision mode. The armor includes power gauntlets, a chest piece with a jet pack, and boots that give you a strong speed boost, apparently also sending you through destructible objects. You can make a Tek rifle, a powerful new weapon, along with the Giga Lazer. As if the Giganotosaurus wasn’t terrifying enough, human kind can now simulate what it would be like to own one that can shoot lasers.

Tek armor and weapons will run off of a new resource, called Element. It’s supposedly very hard to get, coming from endgame challenges. The TEK Tier update will bring more endgame content, and also introduces underwater bases, for players that wonder what it’s like to be a super villian.

More information on the TEK Tier patch will be coming out in the November 18th issue of PC Gamer.

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