NBA 2K17 will be a part of Xbox Live Gold’s Free Play Days program, meaning that if you have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription you can play the game for free this weekend on Xbox One.

The free weekend will begin on Friday at 9AM Pacific time and end on Monday at 11:59PM Pacific time. This is a quite a bit of time to decide if you want to purchase the game, and if you do decide to purchase it during the free weekend then you can do so at a 30-40% discount.

The free weekend comes along with the game’s 1.05 update, which includes changes to the Cleveland Cavaliers court and changes to the Golden State Warriors uniforms, as well as other authenticity improvements to various uniforms. This update does not include the recently announced Fitbit integration, however.

Since free weekends are not demos but instead let you download the full game, all of your progress and any achievements you earn will remain if you end up purchasing the game.

To play the game for free this weekend you just have to go to the Gold Member area on the Xbox dashboard, or you can search for it in the Xbox store.

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