The video game industry can be quite lucrative for many of the developers and publishers out there. It is always great, however, to see these these companies give back for something worthwhile. With your help, Lara Craft, the Tomb Raider herself, can be a hero to the real world as well.

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have teamed up with the non-profit organization GameChanger to raise money for children with life threatening diseases. In this new campaign, anyone who donates $1 to the cause will receive a free digital copy of 2013’s Tomb Raider on PC. Those who donate $20 will also receive the digital copy as well as be entered to win GameChanger’s Tomb Raider Grand Prize Giveaway, which includes an Xbox One and much more.

This is a great cause, and there are excellent incentives for those looking to donate. Please go to the campaign website to help out and get yourself a copy of Tomb Raider for PC.

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