Naughty Dog is the developer behind many superb titles, the latest of which is the fourth visit to the escapades of treasure hunter Nathan Drake. At the upcoming PlayStation Experience Event in Anaheim CA, players are being given the chance at a hands-on display of a brand new game mode for Uncharted 4 known as Survival Mode.

PlayStation describe the new game mode as wave-based action that can be enjoyed with two other players. The aim is to survive increasingly powerful enemies and try to achieve unique objectives. They describe the game mode as similar to the Co-op Arena from Uncharted 2 and 3, but with a number of improved features.

Uncharted 4 Survival Mode spans 50 waves and 10 maps. Every 10 levels will culminate in an intense boss battle, including all-new Pirate Warlords. Surviving the increasingly hostile waves of enemies is not the only challenge players will face. Being able to defend an objective, take out marked targets or collecting treasures within a set time limit all make up part of the tests.

The new Survival Mode launches in December following the PlayStation Experience Event. It sounds as if completing all 50 waves will push even the most adept of players to the limit. According to PlayStation, certain levels will be hardened by something described as “Active Modifiers.” These modifiers may make only pistols, headshots or melee attacks cause damage to enemies. An added twist will be a link to the Uncharted 4 Story Mode, whereby some of the Founders of Libertalia arrive to take you down using their mystical powers.

If you plan on attending the PlayStation Experience on December 3rd and 4th, then check out the Uncharted: Survival Booth for a chance to try the new game mode for yourself.

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