Pokemon Go trainers all over can rejoice, for Niantic has heard the complaints, and put in a patch to fix some of the issues with gyms. No longer will a trainer battle hard for the title of leader, and then have it stolen by someone standing off to the side. Patch notes, from Niantic’s website, include:

  • You’ll earn bonuses for the first Pokémon catch and PokéStop visit each day. You’ll receive a larger bonus when you do this seven days in a row.
  • When you defeat the Gym Leader at a rival Gym, there will be a brief period of time where only you will be able to place a Pokémon in the open Gym.
  • The amount of Prestige a rival Gym loses when you defeat a regular Gym member has increased. The amount of Prestige gained by training at a friendly Gym has been lowered.
  • Minor text fixes

With these changes, going after a gym in a crowded place will be a lot less anxiety-inducing, and taking down everyone in the gym will feel more rewarding. It’ll also be more important to help out your local gyms, as gaining prestige will be more difficult.

With this patch comes the long-awaited daily quest system, which gives players bonuses for playing once a day.

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