Daily bonuses will be coming soon to Pokemon GO. Niantic Labs has given us more details on how their new daily reward system will work.

According to the company, players will be able to earn a significant amount of Stardust and experience throughout the week. Explaining in a post on their website, “We want to provide you a detailed look at a new feature coming soon to Pokémon GO – Daily bonuses! Trainers will soon be able to receive a bonus for certain daily activities, including catching a Pokémon or visiting a PokéStop once a day. You’ll earn a larger bonus if you do this seven days in a row!”

The first Pokemon you catch everyday will now net you 500 XP and 600 Stardust. If a player completes this task for 7 days in a row, they will earn 2000 XP and 2400 Stardust. Along with catching Pokemon, Daily PokeStop visits will reward you with 500 XP and additional items. Doing this 7 days straight will also earn players a total of 2000 XP and a larger amount of extra items.

If you are able to catch a Pokemon at anytime on Tuesday local time, you will be eligible for the next daily bonus at midnight the next day.

Niantic has not set a release date for when this new system will be added to Pokemon GO.

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