We may see a version of Pokemon Sun and Moon come to the Nintendo Switch next year.

Multiple sources have told Eurogamer that a version of Pokemon Sun and Moon will launch on the Switch in 2017. The title is going under the codename of Pokemon Stars, and will serve as the new generation’s third entry. The game is being developed by Game Freak, and will be the first mainline title in the series to reach a home console. Stars has been in parallel development with Sun and Moon, though work on Stars was paused to give Game Freak time to polish the 3DS titles. Work on Stars will now resume, and will include features not found in the handheld versions.

The sources state that Stars will feature the same map as Sun and Moon, as well as the same art style. However, the Switch version will be built using separate, higher-resolution assets. Players will be able to trade between Stars and the handheld versions through the Pokemon Bank app. There are also suggestions that there will be more monsters to collect in the Switch version, though not all of the sources could confirm this.

Stars was originally meant to release for the Switch in summer of 2017, but has been pushed back to later into the year.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is available now on the 3DS. The games have already sold over 10 million units worldwide, and have become the best selling title in 3DS history.

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