The world has talked about Pokemon Go every which way possible and will most likely continue to do so for awhile. Today, however, belongs to two more titles in this wondrous franchise. After years of waiting, fans can finally take their skills to the sunny Alola region in Pokemon Sun and Moon. From what we have heard, there are a lot of people who have already begun this journey.

Pokemon Sun and Moon, being the first major installment since X and Y, is shattering sales records on the Nintendo 3DS. It may have only been released today, November 18th, but according to Nintendo and the Pokemon Company it has already sold over 10 million units worldwide. This is a %150 increase from the sales of X and Y and the record for best selling game in Nintendo 3DS history. The European release is coming next week, so we will most likely see an even bigger jump as time goes on.

The Pokemon Company is also hosting a European Championship from December 9-11 in honor of the 20 year celebrating of the great franchise. There will a lot of players fighting for their share of a prize pool reaching up to $250,000. You can go to the official website to find out more information on this tournament.

Sun and Moon is available now on the Nintendo 3DS.

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