Croteam, the creative team behind the Talos Principle, have revealed at the Nordic Game event in Sweden this year that the Talos Principle will receive a sequel.

Damir Đurović tweeted the announcement for those not present at the conference:

For those unaware, the Talos Principle was a puzzler game that shares the same visual style as Serious Sam which led me to believe that I was going to get ganked by crazy people at any moment. The gameplay involved redirecting light beams, avoiding robots, stacking blocks and questioning the meaning of life as you are faced with the new age-old conflict of artificial intelligence and human conciousness.

There isn’t any news on a release date or what platform it will be on as of yet, but the original was on PlayStation 4 and PC so it’s a safe bet that it will return on those platforms.

Source: Damir Đurović

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