Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is getting another update on the 22nd November. It will address some minor fixes, and changes the way the Vote to Kick system is used. Update 5.1 will see the Vote to Kick option removed for Ranked matches due to abuse of the feature by players.

Casual Matches also see a change regarding this. The number of votes needed to kick will be matched according to the size of the grouped and non-grouped players in the game.

The full list of fixes released by Ubisoft is exhausting, but some major points that have been fixed include:

  • Melee range is extended when striking from a low stance to a high stance
  • Placed charges remain floating after the surface has been destroyed
  • Dying at the same moment as throwing a gadget will result in a duplicate of the gadget
  • No sound is made when placing an Exothermic charge on a reinforced wall while rappelling
  • Cluster Charge does not make holes in trap doors
  • Once destroyed, cameras still appear on IQ’s gadget

There have also been some adjustments made to level designs, mainly dealing with glitches surrounding vaulting over certain objects, and drone collision mechanics.

Ubisoft has targeted bad sportsmanship by players in a previous patch for Rainbow Six Siege, adding an anti-bullying feature in update 4.3. The game developers still clearly wish to clamp down on player abuses with the changes regarding the Vote to Kick feature. It is not known how long the system will be removed from Ranked matches, possibly until they can come up with a new way to keep griefing to a minimum.

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