Remedy Entertainment has released a video on their YouTube channel teasing an upcoming game trailer. It is not known yet what game the trailer is for.

The teaser features Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake, and shows him introducing himself multiple times over the past years. Afterwards, some text promises a new game trailer will be coming soon. The teaser ends with a very short clip of some music over a black screen, which is presumably from the new game.

While we know that Remedy’s second team has been working on the story mode for Crossfire 2, it seems more likely that this trailer will be for a previously unannounced game — there is not much of a reason to keep the game a secret if it is has already been announced. What’s also worth noting is that Remedy’s other team very recently released Quantum Break, which would make it unusual for them to already have a trailer ready for another project. Stranger things have happened though, such as CD Projekt RED putting out a trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 before they even released The Witcher 3, so anything is possible.

Remedy gave no specific date for the new trailer, so we will just have to wait to find out what it is for.

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