Though fans expected Sombra to be Overwatch’s newest character, and even expected the hacker might have a special hack in store for the Blizzard fan convention itself, the new character still made quite the impression with a new cinematic trailer.

A stealth character that can “hack other character’s abilities” Sombra will be playable at BlizzCon and will make her way to the PTR next week. Her appearance matches the leaked art we had already seen, but the cinematic trailer presents the slick charm to the character still art can’t quite capture.

The video includes a number of characters, including Widowmaker, Reaper, Sombra, and even everyone’s favorite Russian brawler.

Sombra’s abilities include:

  • Hack- Allowing her to temporarily stop enemies from being able to use their abilities.
  • Thermoptic Camo- Allowing her to go invisible. Her speed is increased, but attacking, being damaged or using offensive abilities disables the cloak.
  • Translocator- She tosses out a beacon, which she can return to at any point while it is active.
  • EMP- Sombra releases a large AOE attack, disabling enemy barriers and shields and hacking any affected enemies.

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