Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have released Star Trek Online: Fleets on Xbox One and PS4 earlier this week.

Fleets is a massive update to Star Trek Online that introduces new features such as Fleet Holdings, the Admiralty System, Duty Officers and a Research and Development System.

Star Trek Online is a free-to-play MMORPG originally launched for PC only. The game made its way to Xbox One and PS4 earlier this year in September. The full list of added features, provided in a press release, can be seen below:

  • Fleet Holdings – Fleet members can work together to build a full-scale Starbase, Romulan Embassy, Dilithium Mine, Dyson Sphere Spire as fleet member-only social areas. Building these facilities also grants access to various bonuses, high-end gear and daily missions.
  • Admiralty System – Players who have reached the rank of Admiral can send their inactive starships on missions to bring back rewards.
  • Two New Reputations – Task Force Omega and Iconian Resistance include a variety of new queues to play and new end-game gear to earn for your captain and starships.
  • Duty Officers – Captains can delegate tasks and away missions to their standard crew members for rewards, while they continue to travel through the final frontier.
  • Research and Development – This system allows players to craft standard and unique items through a variety of schools, while also providing exciting crafting tier progression bonuses.

Stay tuned for more updates on Star Trek Online.