Development studio WeirdBeard has just announced a new update for their physics based party game, Tricky Towers. The game’s new, “Tournament expansion” adds both online and offline tournament modes to the game, allowing players to compete in multiple rounds to find out just who the ultimate wizard is. Weekly and monthly online leaderboards have also been added, as well as an Endless single player puzzle leaderboard mode.

As an added bonus to those who what to show off their wizarding skills, the Tournament expansion also features a printable tournament pack. This pack contains a Tricky Towers Tournament schedule that allows players to keep track of tournament brackets. It also includes an official rule book of the Tournament Cup, and finally, for those looking to commit to the wizarding role, printable wizard hats, as well as a 3D model of the Tricky Towers Super Cup.

To celebrate this new update, WeirdBeard Games has also announced that they are currently holding a Facebook and Twitter event. Players who share a picture of their and friends battling for the Tricky Towers Super Cup, while also including #happystacking, will have a chance to win one of three gift packs. These packs include four game keys, the printed tournament pack, and a 3D Tricky Towers Super Cup shipped to your home.

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