It’s only very recently that gamers began accepting “free to play” games with so called “optional” in game purchases that leave gamers who don’t want to spend any money at a severe disadvantage when put up against those who’ve spent real world money in order to get ahead in game. This disadvantage had led to frustration from many gamers. There’s also the fact that many gamers also believe that “free to play” should mean exactly that; companies should completely leave out money if they’re to develop a free to play game.

This friction has caused many a heated debate about what could actually be done about the current free to play market, often with those commenting on the matter coming up with almost no ideas, or, at least, nothing of substance. This is where Futureplay, a Finnish developer, enters the equation: according to their website, as well as comments they’ve made to the press, they’ve stumbled upon what may be as “free to play” as free to play gets.

Founded earlier this year and staffed by former Electronic Arts, Remedy, and Rovio veterans, Futureplay has said that they may be instigating the new era of mobile gaming. Termed “view to play”, instead of offering in game goods for real world money, Futureplay are instead going to generate their revenue from advertisements being placed inside the game. As Futureplay has stated on their website:

“Our focus is on creating a new category of “view-to-play” games – broadly accessible gameplay with a natural integration and rewarding ad-based monetization. We believe in F2P and ads – both done right can be great, you will see.”

Futureplay founder Jami Laes, the former executive vice president at Angry Birds developer Rovio, said “view-to-play” has the potential to revolutionize the mobile market. Speaking in a statement, Laes has said:

“It’s faster, cheaper, and more fun to watch an ad than pay for an in-app purchase.”

The developer has not yet announced any games, or further information about how the View to Play concept will work exactly. However, Futureplay have said that gamers can expect these details in the coming months.

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