Solo developer, Byron Atkinson-Jones, has just announced Caretaker Retribution. A VR experience exclusive to the HTC Vive, the game immerses players in a zero-G, sci-fi world. Players assume the role of Commander Andy Carolan, one of the galaxy’s greatest pioneers as he sets out to explore the various areas of a massive weapon called theStar Killer. As you progress, you have to disable control nodes while defeating waves of enemies that will try to stop you along the way.

Caretaker Retribution looks to take advantage of the graphical power that the HTC Vive processes. For fans of sci-fi first-person shooters, Caretaker Retribution might be worth a look.

According to a press release, when Jones received the development kit for the Vive earlier this year, he fell in love and quickly set out to make a VR game of his own. The new game is a follow-on title from his earlier released game, Caretaker Sacrifice, but takes full advantage of the headset’s room VR features.

David Hewlett, best known for his role in Stargate Atlantis, appears in the game and aided in some of the development process.  Caretaker Retribution will be published by Xiotex studios and is set to be released on Steam on December 15th.

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