Bungie surprised Destiny players last week when they released the incredibly sublime House of Wolves Expansion. Within the House of Wolves is the new PvP Event, Trials of Osiris, which rewards players based on how many games they can consecutively win. Win 9 in a row without losing, and you’ll gain access into the most elite of social spaces – The Lighthouse, located on Mercury – where, you’ll find untold riches. Over the weekend, I took a fire team into the Trials of Osiris with the intent of gaining entry into The Lighthouse. We emerged victorious.

The Trials were gruelling and unforgiving, and there were plenty of occasions where we almost lost – such as a match where we came back after being down 4 rounds to 1. Good opponents are easy to find, and a lack of map rotation for the weekend means the later you play it, the more players have their own effective map-based strategies.

Nevertheless, we came out the other side with an incredible final game and some pretty decent loot along the way to show for it; but we had our eyes on the big prize. The Lighthouse awaited.

Flying to The Lighthouse, we were treated to a cutscene of our ships flying over the surface of Mercury, and my Guardian shielded his eyes against the sun, which looks incredible up close. If you thought it looked good on the Crucible maps, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Within the context of Destiny, Mercury is a machine-world, transformed long ago by the Vex during their hunger to consume entire worlds. The architecture of the space is incredible, and breaths just as much Venus as it does a planet right next to the sun (go down into the secret area and you might just think you’re in the Vault of Glass).

Peppered around the space, however, are signs of life, suggesting that maybe – just maybe – this space may be inhabitable at some point in a future expansion.

As for the specifics on the location itself, and the loot I ended up receiving, you’ll have to watch the video. Describing everything to see on Mercury doesn’t do it justice in the least.

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