Details for The Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming housing system have been released.

Homestead, which will be released in February 2017 as a part of The Elder Scrolls Online’s next major update, will introduce the housing system. In Homestead, players will have 40 homes to choose from, and over 2,000 decorative and furnishing options. A glimpse at some of the homes that will be available can be seen below:

After completing the Homestead tutorial quest, players will be given their own first home, and will be able to expand when they are ready. Homes will be styled after the game’s 10 races, and will come either furnished or unfurnished. Players will be able to purchase whatever style of home they wish, regardless of their race. The exception is Imperial-style homes, which require the player to own the Imperial Edition of The Elder Scrolls Online. Players will be able to buy multiple houses, and the homes will be account-based, allowing allowing all of a gamer’s characters to have access to them.

After completing the tutorial, most homes will be available to purchase with in-game gold. All unfurnished homes will also be available to purchase with crowns. Players can also buy fully furnished homes in the Crown Store. All furnishings that are included in a furnished home can be moved and replaced however the player wishes. There will also be a few special homes that can only be purchased through the Crown Store. To purchase most unfurnished homes for gold, the local residents in that zone will require a player to prove themselves worthy to live there. After their approval is earned by completing a specific achievement, the ability to buy the home in that zone is unlocked.

Homestead will introduce over 2,000 items that gamers will be able to use to furnish their homes. Furnishings include tables, chests, armories, beds, bars and counters. Decorative items include books, food, paintings, light fixtures, plants, and more. These items can be crafted using existing trade skills, which can be purchased with gold, or bought with crowns in the Crown Store. Most decorations will be available to purchase in-game or through the Crown Store.

Along with the normal furnishings, players will be able to decorate their homes with rare and unusual items from the Achievement and Luxury Furnishers, both of which are new with Homestead. Achievement Furnishers stock items that can be purchased after completing certain achievements, with the items being themed around those achievements. Luxury Furnishers will sell an exquisite collection of rotating goods for a limited time. Players will also be able to place pets, mounts, and useful functional items in their homes.

The Elder Scrolls Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Homestead will release in February 2017. PC gamers will be able to test Homestead on the Elder Scrolls Online Public Test Server in January.

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