Omen of Sorrow is set in the 18th century and inspired by literature and legend, including some iconic characters from myth. A new fighting game from developers AOne games, it is set to come to PS4 in 2017.

The reveal trailer shows us a glimpse of a few of the 12 characters that will initially be included, and the 2D style of fighting action we can expect from the title. According to developer Felipe Budinich, they plan to increase the roster after gauging the reception the game receives, and then include specific characters from the regions that support the game the strongest.  The developers describe Omen of Sorrow as a horror-fighting game that has “hardcore combat mechanics.” The trailer is from the pre-alpha stage of development.

AOne Game’s work on the title began in May 2015, and Omen of Sorrow boasts artwork from the highly acclaimed Genzoman. He is behind such classic titles as Double Dragon: Neon, Ultra Street Fighter IV and Hearthstone, so plenty of pedigree in the studio. The game also includes online competition and local multiplayer to test your skills to the limit.

What may set this game apart from the competition, such as the recently announced Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, is the size of the stages, apparently 3 times wider than the competition. Combining that size with dashing, running and projectiles, puts a bigger emphasis on zoning and mind games.

Omen of Sorrow is tentatively set for a release date of mid 2017.

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