During this year’s PlayStation Experience event, Japan Studios announced that a new piece of DLC will be coming to Gravity Rush 2. An announcement trailer for the new piece of content appeared during the event. Titled, “The Ark of Time: Raven’s Choice,” this story DLC focuses on one of the previous game’s antagonists, Raven as she faces off against unknown enemies.

“Alone, Raven must battle to save the Lost Children who were left trapped inside the Ark at the end of the first Gravity Rush,” the trailer description reads. It is unclear if this content will flesh out Raven’s character since there was very little revealed about her in the previous game.

The trailer highlights some of game’s combat as well as some of the graphical changes that the series has received since it’s transition for the PlayStation Vita to the PlayStation 4- the series has definitely benefited from the jump. The world and characters of Gravity Rush comes to life on the console and gives players a brand new experience with its dynamic gameplay and engaging storyline.

“The Ark of Time: Raven’s Choice ” is set to release in March of next year and will be free to all players who own the Gravity Rush 2. The game itself is set to release on Febuaray 2oth, 2o17.

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