EDIT: Footage of DLC revealed on IGN’s Nintendo Voice Chat Podcast. Provided with time skip:

New information also revealed:

  • DLC will be lumped together and released monthly on the first Friday of each month for many months to come
  • All DLC will be free
  • First ‘episode quest’ that references previous Monster Hunter games and can craft new armour and weapons and has a complex side storyline
  • Poogie Horn (All hail the piggie!) and Mechanical Insect glaive which are selected community designed winners
  • Top Hat design armour that is a shared DLC from Japan

And of course the Legend of Zelda DLC as previously mentioned.


So hunter fans, it’s been 2 weeks and you’ve probably gone through a great deal within the game eh? Well it’s not over, with Capcom finally starting to roll out DLC. While the event DLC hasn’t been pushed out yet, the crossover DLC will start to make their way over, with the free Legend of Zelda DLC having a suggested release date of March 6th. An instagram of the DLC reveals the release date as well as showing the video for it. The instagram claims that a video will go up to make the date official, and when it does I will put it into this article.

Fans have already been treated to the starter item DLC upon obtaining Monster Hunter 4U which allowed them to dress their companions as Mario or Luigi. This DLC will allow players to create the legendary Link’s tunic and the rest of his attire; as well as his Master Sword, and a customised Legend of Zelda themed bow.

To follow alongside this DLC, Capcom and Nintendo has worked together to bring about several more crossovers including a Samus costume for the player from Metroid, a Resetti and Isabelle companion reskin, costumes for the companions of Mega Man, Dante from Devil May Cry and Sonic, plus so much more! There’s a NeoGAF thread that is gathering together as much information as it can about Monster Hunter 4; that shows some of the other DLC coming our way; as well as doing a fantastic job providing basic information for people who want to get stuck into the game!

I’d personally love to see loads of crossovers for the simple sake of entertainment value! Regardless of the DLC however, I’m still playing through the game and loving it! Mounting is such a fulfilling mechanic and it’s so much fun. Anyone else with the game? Let us know what your thoughts are regarding the game and all of this DLC shenannigans!

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