Indie developer and publisher, Team 17 along with Three Fields Entertainment has announced that their first-person shooter, Lethal VR, will be headed to PlayStation VR before the end of the year, hitting the PlayStation Store on December 20.

The immersive virtual reality experience puts players in the shoes of an FBI agent as they take part in over 30 weapon based simulation exercises. Through these tasks, you will have to demonstrate speed, accuracy, and their ability to think quickly and remain calm under pressure. After each exercise, the game will award a score based on how well the player preformed throughout the level.

Already available on Vive, Lethal VR features over 30 missions to complete along with a wide variety of weapons to choose from. The game will also feature local leaderboards where players can compete against their friends and 14 achievements to unlock. The game is set to release for $14.99, but there will also be a limited time discount of 20% at launch.

Team 17 is an international developer and publisher who is known throughout the industry. The company is known for its work on the Worms and the Escapists franchises. They will also be responsible for publishing the upcoming 3D platform-adventure game, Yooka-Laylee which is scheduled to release in March of next year.

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