Persona 4: Dancing All Night is the upcoming rhythm game based off of Persona 4. Today a new trailer was released, showing what the protagonist’s little cousin, Nanako, can do.

Nanako Dojima is the little cousin to Persona 4’s main protagonist. In Dancing All Night, Nanako and her father Ryotaro Dojima go to visit the protagonist in the city. It is there that she meets the popular idol Kanami Mashita, and decides to be a part of her act. In the new Dancing All Night trailer (seen below), we see what Nanako can do, and some of the various costumes that she can wear in the game. We also get a cameo from the protagonist, as he dances with his little cousin.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night releases in Japan on June 25th. The game will come to America at a later date. Dancing All Night will be coming to the PS Vita. The game was announced with a few other Persona titles, most notably Persona 5. You can check out some screenshots for Persona 5 here. You can also see the Dancing All Night trailer for Naoto here.

What do you think? Will you be picking up Persona 4: Dancing All Night? Let us know below.

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