Multiplayer online battle arena games have been the hot new thing since the success of League of Legends and DOTA, but not a lot of them have taken purchase in the competitive market. What we seemed to be missing was creativity, and Gigantic has creativity bursting at the seams. Gigantic is a new 3rd person, cell-shaded, MOBA coming from Perfect World and Motiga, that features beautiful characters in a storybook setting.

“Gigantic is an entirely new action MOBA experience that combines high twitch skills and deep strategic choices. Paired with innovated design that includes giant Guardians (to fight with and against), and creatures that you can summon, Gigantic is way beyond Overwatch or Paladins,” says Motiga CEO Chris Chung.

In open beta, Gigantic will feature a rotating cast of 16 characters and 3 maps, Siren’s Stand, Ghost Reef and Sanctum Falls. Teams will claim points on the map to summon powerful creatures, and eventually gain the favor of giant Guardians that will serve as bosses you can use to claim victory, or the enemy can use to ensure your defeat.

Gigantic is available for Open Beta testing on PC and Xbox One now. Those wishing to support the game and get some sweet skins, access to all heroes, and the first 4 they release after launch, can buy a founders pack on their website for $39.99.