NieR: Automata has had its PC release date confirmed, and fans can rest easy: It’s the same day as the PlayStation 4 release.

At PlayStation Experience 2016, NieR: Automata appeared alongside an impressive list of upcoming PlayStation 4 titles, with its own impressive and kinetic character-action gameplay on display with its own trailer. Developer Platinum Games clearly wants to take the shock-and-awe of the first game and make it a fluid experience, and it shows. The original was a cult classic that often ranks amongst its fans favorite games, and it looks like Square Enix looks to take that lore and give it gameplay to match its spectacle and impact.

At PSX2016, the release date was given as March 7, 2017 (March 10 in Europe and Australia), but this only applied to PlayStation 4. PC Gamer has just confirmed, however, that the PC release of the game will coincide with the PlayStation 4 release. As PC gamers were originally told “early 2017”, this is a pleasant surprise.

If your hype has been sufficiently upped, check out our article detailing the PS4 Black Box Edition of the game, with both physical and in-game special items. Amongst its contents, if you’re a series fan, the Grimoire Weiss assist may be a must-have item.

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