It looks as though patch notes for the next update for Battlefield 1 have leaked. The notes, which were released on the website Pastebin, state that the update, set to release December 13, will include a brand new map, new modes, and balance changes to the game.

Titled, “Giant’s Shadow” this new update will add the Giants Shadow map to the game. This map, which takes place during The Battle of Selle, 1918 will have players fighting their way around a railway center that features strategic posts and passages.

Spectator mode is also rumored to be coming to the game as well. Players will now be able to jump into matches that are currently in progress and observe. They will be able to toggle between both first and third person view on each player, as well as gain a bird’s eye view using the mode’s Table Top and Free Cam features.

DICE’s goal is to improve the functionality of this mode from previous versions of Battlefield. By using the feedback for players, they have improved the ease of use of this mode and made vast improvements to give players the best experience possible.

Standard Issued Rifles, a new custom game option may also be coming to the game as well. This setting will allow all classes to have access to their faction’s standard issue rile, for example, the British will start off with the SMLE MKIII in this mode. This setting is intended to simulate the combat conditions of WW1. According to the source, this mode will not be added to the Vanilla version of Battlefield 1. DICE feels that this setting would negatively impact the combat roles of the game’s classes. Along with these new features, this patch will bring balance changes and bug fixes to many of the weapons, game modes and classes in the game.

According to the source, the Giant’s Shadow patch is will be available tomorrow for those that pre-ordered or have a Premium Pass Subscription. It will then release on the 20th to all players.

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