343 Industries has released a preview of the upcoming Halo 5 update, Monitor’s Bounty.

Monitor’s Bounty will include a number of new REQ items, including new gear, assassinations, weapons, and more. Also included in the update is the Custom Games Browser. The new Custom Games Browser allows players to search for in-progress games from the main menu. Games can be joined based on their privacy settings when they are created in the lobby. The Content Browser has also been updated so that if a player finds a map or mode that they like, they will be able to browse for in-progress custom games from that file’s options.

Along with the Custom Games Browser, Windows 10 players will now have full access to Halo 5: Forge and Arena free of charge. While it does not include Matchmaking, Windows 10 players will be able to find and play games with friends and strangers in addition to having full access to the Forge game and map editor.

Another new feature coming to Halo 5 through the Monitor’s Bounty update is the Observer Mode. Through Observer Mode, any user in a Custom Game lobby can enter the match as an observer. Unlike spectating, observers do not have to wait for a film to be available. They just have to create a Custom Game, or join a fireteam in one, change their team affiliation, and watch the match in real-time. Gamers will be able to see what the other players see since they are in the same game and are connected to the same dedicated server.

Along with the release of Monitor’s Bounty comes the Voices of War REQ pack. This voice pack brings three new multiplayer announcers to Arena and Warzone matches featuring commentary from Spartan Buck, 031 Exuberant Witness, and Yabda the Merciless. Unlike the rest of the content being released in the latest Halo 5 update, the new voice pack will not be free, and will cost gamers $9.99.

Along with the new content, a new system is coming to Halo 5: REQ gifting. REQ gifting allows players who are Spartan 5 rank or higher to gift a Gold Pack (gifting currently only applies to Gold Packs). When buying a Gold Pack, players will be given the option to send it to a friend. When receiving a Gift Pack, it will show up in the player’s inventory. A Gold Gift Pack will appear with a special header that includes the Gamertag of whomever sent it.

Halo 5 is available on the Xbox One. Monitor’s Bounty will release on December 8th.

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