Many exciting announcements were made at the Video Game Awards, but among them, a small new gem: Phoenix Labs’ Dauntless. A new studio pops up and gives us a beautiful trailer for a co-op free-to-play action PC monster slaying game, it’s like a fairy tale.

Dauntless takes place on The Shattered Isles, a broken world where pieces shift and change, and humanity fights against extinction itself. Giant monsters known as behemoths grow angrier and more fierce, and you must band together with your friends to protect what little of your home you have left.

The game boasts many different weapons that change as you fight, craftable armor sets, and beautiful action combat with a combo system.

The website outlines the combat system a bit more, “Targeting the specific anatomical areas of a behemoth will expose weak points and alter the beast’s attack patterns. Sever a tail, fracture a horn, or break some bones, and you might disable some of a behemoth’s attacks. Once victorious, you can take trophies from defeated behemoths that will be the envy of every slayer – and potentially provide special rare crafting materials.”

Dauntless is already a beautiful game, from the short clips of in-game footage they’ve shared. It has promise, and you can sign up for beta right now on their website, to prepare for the full release in 2017.

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