It is the season of goodwill to all, and game developer Square Enix is doing its bit to spread some Christmas cheer by offering players a “Holiday Surprise Box.” Currently available via the Square Enix Online Store, you can purchase over $80 worth of titles for just $9.99.

The Digital box contains 7 PC downloads and a special store promotion on a game bundle that is “too good to miss out on.”

Square Enix is behind many massive games including the Final Fantasy franchise, Deus Ex, Hitman and the latest Tomb Raiders to name just a few. It is not made clear which titles will be included as part of their Holiday Surprise Box, or which bundle will receive a special discount. This information will be revealed after the end of the special promotion period.

The special offer will run from now, until 4AM PST on the 19th December. The contents of the deal will be released the following day on the 20th December.

If you count yourself a fan of any of the excellent franchises from developer Square Enix, then this Christmas special offer is certainly not to be scoffed at. Despite it being a secret what games you will get, there is enough of a catalog of great titles from Square Enix that at the very least, one or two of your 7 PC downloads will make the low price of $9.99 worthwhile.

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