Star Wars: Force Collection will be receiving its third set of cards this week. Komani, the company behind the game has announced that this expansion will feature cards inspired by Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which is scheduled to release in theaters this month as well. The highlight of the upcoming expansion will be two new 5-Star character cards featuring Captain Cassian Andor and Darth Vader.

Along with these 5-Star cards, players will have access to Alliance loyalists, K-2SO and Bodhi Rook. These two characters will be making their debut in this expansion. The Imperial Troopers will also join the battle with the addition of the Shoretroopers and Tank Troopers cards.

Star Wars: Force Collection is a digital card game that takes place in the Star Wars universe. Players can choose from a variety of cards that features over 400 heroes, villains, and vehicles which you can use to construct your own deck to battle other players around the world in real time Legion battles

The game is available on both Apple and Android devices and can be downloaded on both the iTunes and Android Market Places. This new expansion will be available on December 14th, just in time for Rogue One to hit theaters December 16th.

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