You know it’s the weekend again when Destiny‘s Xur’s appears in the Tower with a new variety of Exotic goods to sell. We have his location and inventory for this week, and it’s a good one.

This week in Destiny, Xur, Agent of the Nine, decided to hang out right next to the Speaker, probably to the latter’s disdain, given his opinion on the Nine (reading Destiny‘s Grimiore Cards and listening to the dialogue does wonders for knowledge of its lore).

The Exotics he has for sale this weekend are:

No Backup Plans (Titan Gauntlets) – 89/96 Strength

ATS/8 Arachnid (Hunter Helmet) – 44/77 Discipline – 44/47 Strength

Heart of the Praxic Fire (Warlock Chest) – 129/139 Discipline

Universal Remote (Primary Shotgun)

Exotic Shard

Exotic Engram (Helmet)

If you have Strange Coins handy, I highly recommend you pay Xur a visit this weekend. To take a look at Xur’s previously sold content, check this out.

I also highly recommend reading up on Destiny Reddit’s ‘Xur Megathread‘. The commenters there provide an incredibly detailed recap of previous Xur weekends, stat comparisons, and opinions of what you should and should not buy.

What is also interesting is ‘Megamanexe4’s’ consistent predictions regarding Xur’s inventory, and House of Wolves leaks. If you’re after Heavy Ammo Synthesis, according to Megaman, you may have to wait until next week.

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