Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s first big game that will be coming to mobile devices, is arriving next week on iOS devices. Nintendo has been promoting the game hard, even showing up on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and now they have released both a new trailer as well as a new television commercial.

The TV ad is filmed with live actors, and it shows different people around the world running and jumping. The trailer is more of an informational video, showing a lot of gameplay and teaching players what they can do in the game and how to do it.

Super Mario Run is an automatic runner, meaning that it is like an endless runner in the sense that Mario will continuously run forward without you having to press anything, but it is not like an endless runner in the sense that it, well, ends. The game is structured just like a typical 2D Mario game, there will be several levels to complete — each with a specific start and end point — and a world map where you choose which level you want to play.

Super Mario Run releases on December 15 on iOS devices, and at a later (but still unspecified) date on Android devices.

You can check out the two new videos below.

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