Since the development of smartphones, the mobile gaming market has grown to feature a lot more titles than just Snake. With a handheld console in everyone’s pocket, the industry has completely changed. Now console and PC developers are making their way to mobile devices as well. Nintendo is no exception as their first major example, Super Mario Run, is coming out later this month.

While Pokemon Go was a tremendous hit, Nintendo does not %100 own the Pokemon Company and so the release of Super Mario Run will truly be the company’s first critical leap into mobile gaming. For that reason, they want to make sure as many people as possible jump on board this experience. With this, Nintendo has released the first live action trailer for Super Mario Run.

The trailer shows people of different cultures and styles around the running all over. Eventually they all combine to one large marathon in a big city, behind the one and only Mario. It looks like a Rocky “Gonna Fly Now” sequence. Eventually Mario reaches a top a flagpole and we cut to a young boy discovering Super Mario Run on his phone, ready to play.

You can download Super Mario run for yourself on December 15th. Check out the trailer below as well.

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