Long time developers of AAA games work extremely hard year round to bring us some of the best titles they can create. With talented designers, programmers, artists, and large budgets, they have a decent amount to work with. When an independent developer wants to create something new and unique, they have to be a bit more clever about it. That is precisely what Sleeper Games has done with their newly announced Hyperspace Dogfights.

If you have ever played a rogue-like game before, you know most are set in some type of dungeon setting. Hyperspace Dogfights, however, is filled with aerial combat on numerous planets, so you’ll be battling for control of the skies. You can take down enemies with either your gun or sword, both of which can be enhanced along your adventure.

As with all rogue-like titles, Hyperspace Dogfights features hundreds of unlockable items as well as permadeath, so you’ll have to stay on your toes. Taking advantage of the open source GDevelop Engine, Lead Designer Stefan Widany stated that he and the team gained a lot of freedom for this title. He also said, “We got quite far in the first three months and we’ll soon launch on itch.io refinery to gather a wider range of much needed feedback.”

Check out the official website to see gameplay action of Hyperspace Dogfights for yourself.

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