For many people in the world, the NES Classic is a dream come true. 30 games from the original Nintendo Entertainment System, all loaded into one consoles. Instead of playing with some sort of plug-in controller built for the system, it uses the actual NES controllers of the past. It’s hard to imagine that Nintendo didn’t predict the fantastic sales that would come from launching this device. What could be better than 30 classic NES games? What about 60?

There are a lot of tech savvy gamers who thought that the 30 games on the NES Classic just weren’t enough. It seems that they have now found a way to hack the console and add more games of their choosing at any given time. There have been numerous reports on people doing this as well as some videos to prove it works.

Even after a long process that includes putting the NES Classic memory onto a PC, downing ROM files of other games, and placing the new memory back onto the original hardware, it has been discovered that 60 games is the max. You may not be able to have every NES game to exist on one console, but 60 sure isn’t bad. Be warned, however, these reports also call the action “legally dubious” as well as claim that you could break the whole system if the hack is not done correctly.

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