With the clock now officially ticking down to the game’s March 21 release, BioWare is still being guarded about Mass Effect: Andromeda. Though not including any gameplay, the latest Andromeda Initiative mission briefing does give us our first look at the inside of the Tempest, the new ship players will be calling home.

Accompanied by the voice-over of the ship’s pilot, who sounds an awful lot like a Salarian, the trailer runs through the many rooms of the Tempest and even details the new all-terrain vehicle, the Nomad. While the general design of the Tempest and many of its rooms are reminiscent of the original trilogy’s Normandy, the ships feels more open, especially with multi-leveled rooms and an impressively massive viewport on the bridge and in the captain’s quarters.

While the look at the Nomad doesn’t include anything too different from the abilities of Mass Effect’s Mako or Mass Effect 2’s Hammerhead, the trailer does reveal that we will be able to customize the paint jobs of the Nomad.

BioWare released the new trailer as a part of the Andromeda Initiative program. Fans with EA accounts can sign up to receive similar “briefings” about the upcoming mission in the Andromeda galaxy. Watching the briefings will unlock special rewards once you actually get your hands on the game in March. For more on Mass Effect: Andromeda, including the fact the game won’t feature a Season Pass, keep checking back here on Gamespresso.

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