Overwatch has posted its latest PTR changes, and we can expect to see an “Emote Wheel” and a few remixes more than nerfs or buffs.

First off is the exciting Emote Wheel, something long-requested by players: The ability to equip multiple (up to four) emotes, sprays, and voice lines that can all be selected within a match.

Roadhog’s chain will now pull enemies directly in front of him (unless he pivots wildly), but vision checks will be from him, not the hook, and will allow players who got around a corner to escape. This makes it easier for players to line up the kill-shots, but makes him seem more fair to escaping opponents.

Ana’s Biotic Grenade heals teammates for 50% less, as it was seen as too effective, particularly for high-health teammates.

D. Va, whose armor/health split was 400/200, is going to be 200/400 now, to give her “weakness” to characters like Reaper whom her armor was more effective against than other tanks. She’ll also have her 8 bullets which deal 3 damage each change to 11 bullets which deal 2 damage; this results in 22 damage per shot as opposed to 24, but “they should feel more consistent now.” (Why they didn’t make it 12 bullets to equal the damage is unclear.)

Sombra’s hack has been decreased form 1 second to 0.8. This should make her ability to surprise-hack opponents, and even battle-hack them, easy enough to pull off more readily.

In the Kill Feed, Hero ability icons are displayed, Ultimates are designated by an orange arrow, and headshot kills get a red icon.

The rest are pretty minor cosmetic or bug fixes. These changes should be on the live PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One Overwatch versions soon.

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