Being a God of War doesn’t always come cheap.

Sony revealed God of War III Remastered would be coming to PS4 on July 14, 2015, featuring stunning 1080p and a photo mode allowing you to share your favorite moments of gameplay. The ‘deal’ was sweetened even further by announcing the price tag would sit at just $40.

But in hindsight, is a slightly prettier version of God of War III enough to get players to drop even $40?

By comparison, there’s a decent number of God of War collections and bundles released on the PlayStation 3 that contain a much greater amount of content. The largest of them, God of War Saga, contains HD versions of God of War and God of War II, God of War III and the God of War Origins Collection containing God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta.  ‘Saga’ originally released in 2012 with a retail price of $39.99 – the same price as the new remastered version that only contains the third game.

God of War Saga is currently available at many major retailers for less than $20. Five God of War games can currently be played for less than half of the remastered version of God of War III. Are you still noticing those graphical differences?

Sony has tried to draw more players to the game by offering free 90 day rentals of God of War I and II on PlayStation Now to those who pre-order the remastered version of God of War III. The key word here is rentals – borrowed versions of games you can actually own in the Saga collection.

It can be argued that Sony is bringing a remastered version of God of War III to the PS4 for the same reason they remastered The Last of Us – the PS4 is the first Sony platform many gamers may have ever owned and deserve a chance to tackle some of Sony’s biggest games. With a future God of War for the PS4 revealed to be in development, allowing as many current PS4 players to become familiar with the series could yield higher interest in the next release in the franchise.

But if you own a PS3, buying into the remastered version of God of War III may be doing yourself a disservice. This isn’t entirely a diss on Sony –  kudos to them for keeping the price far below the norm of $60. Huge God of War fans may be able to convince themselves to buy into a graphical upgrade of the game, but if you’re looking to get into the series now, there seems to be better options out there for you to find a way to spend some time with Kratos.

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