The name of Kratos’ son was revealed, quite accidentally, on Twitter.

On January 13th, Twitter user Fabiano Banin posted the following question:

Creative director at Santa Monica Studios Cory Barlog responded by admitting that Atreus is indeed Kratos’ son.

Ever since E3 2016, people have been trying to determine this child’s identity. Due to the Norse setting and the child’s bow and arrow, many theorized that he is a young version of Norse God Ullr. While Cory Barlog seems to have shot down this theory, we do not know what role Atreus will play in the story of the new God of War game. He could even adopt the name of Ullr in a post-credits scene.

The as-of-yet unnamed God of War game is very different from past entries in the series. Unlike previous God of War games, the upcoming entry introduces brand new crafting and leveling mechanics, not unlike those found in the Tomb Raider reboot games. Furthermore, Barlog has stated that Atreus will play a significant role in combat, which is yet another change to the God of War formula, given how Kratos has always been alone.

The upcoming God of War will be released for the PlayStation 4.

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